Friday, June 8, 2012

Tool #9   Today's world is full of technology therefore students will be more motivated to get involved when tying the technology to the objective.

               Holding students accountable for stations/centers makes sure that a final product is produced. Thus, teaching the student to work independently and responsibly

               One site that I can use in my classroom is Learning Games For Depending on the students needs....students can work independently and or with teacher/para assistance as a station/center in the classroom. Teacher and paras need to supervise accountability with students.  The other site I can use is called TESiboard. This site can be used the same way as above. There are a lot of other content activities.

              As far as apps for the 2 iPads used in my classroom, I'm still collaborating with district Life Skills colleagues. I would use the iPads like stations/centers. Again students would need supervision like mentioned above with web sites.

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  1. Keep researching ways to use your tech! I know you will find more and more things to do with your kids.