Friday, June 8, 2012

Tool #11      Two of my favorite tools that I will use are Animoto and Dropbox. In Animoto, an activity the students could do-would be to make a video on what they did over summer vacation.

                   I understand the importance especially in today's world, that technology needs be used in the classroom. With 2 new iPads and a touch screen-this allows more student access for station/centers.

                    I will have to make accommodations in my classroom due to the special needs of each child.

                    Unexpected outcomes- the time spent on completing the 11 Tools is not equivalent to the 9 hours of credit being given. I was surprised to find some websites that we were directed to try-were not accessible.


  1. I hope it was worth your while and that you learned different things to do with your kids! Congrats! You are done!

  2. Glad you found a couple of tools that work for you! Yes, it is difficult to stay on top of Web 2.0 tools as they a constantly changing. Thanks for being flexible!