Friday, June 8, 2012

Tool # 10           Three things I would want my students to understand about being a good digital citizen- One is being safe by not giving personal information online, second- using the computer is a right but privileges can be taken away when not used properly and finally, use friendly/good manners when accessing sites on the computer.

                          I would use the ED Tech website to begin instruction on digital citizenship. I would use Brain Pop Jr. video called Common Sense for PreK-2.

                          I would teach the idea of digital citizenship my beginning with the video mention above and by practicing daily through discussions and modeling.

                          For informing my parents on digital citizenship-I would send home a note regarding what the students are learning in class and refer them to


  1. There are lots of resources for student and parent use when it comes to digital citizenship. There may be several that you would need to access, depending on your student needs.

  2. I share your concerns with digital citizenship. My biggest challenge is to give students room to grow as technology learners but also to protect them from inappropriate material. For example, I am always leery of allowing them to download pictures for projects even on SBISD approved sites because sometimes inappropriate pictures still get through (ex. when doing a project on planets, Venus brings up some pictures I do not want the third graders viewing). I know the answer is to view a site prior to students using it, but that is not full-proof. Keep up the great blogging.