Friday, June 8, 2012

Tool #11      Two of my favorite tools that I will use are Animoto and Dropbox. In Animoto, an activity the students could do-would be to make a video on what they did over summer vacation.

                   I understand the importance especially in today's world, that technology needs be used in the classroom. With 2 new iPads and a touch screen-this allows more student access for station/centers.

                    I will have to make accommodations in my classroom due to the special needs of each child.

                    Unexpected outcomes- the time spent on completing the 11 Tools is not equivalent to the 9 hours of credit being given. I was surprised to find some websites that we were directed to try-were not accessible.
Tool # 10           Three things I would want my students to understand about being a good digital citizen- One is being safe by not giving personal information online, second- using the computer is a right but privileges can be taken away when not used properly and finally, use friendly/good manners when accessing sites on the computer.

                          I would use the ED Tech website to begin instruction on digital citizenship. I would use Brain Pop Jr. video called Common Sense for PreK-2.

                          I would teach the idea of digital citizenship my beginning with the video mention above and by practicing daily through discussions and modeling.

                          For informing my parents on digital citizenship-I would send home a note regarding what the students are learning in class and refer them to
Tool #9   Today's world is full of technology therefore students will be more motivated to get involved when tying the technology to the objective.

               Holding students accountable for stations/centers makes sure that a final product is produced. Thus, teaching the student to work independently and responsibly

               One site that I can use in my classroom is Learning Games For Depending on the students needs....students can work independently and or with teacher/para assistance as a station/center in the classroom. Teacher and paras need to supervise accountability with students.  The other site I can use is called TESiboard. This site can be used the same way as above. There are a lot of other content activities.

              As far as apps for the 2 iPads used in my classroom, I'm still collaborating with district Life Skills colleagues. I would use the iPads like stations/centers. Again students would need supervision like mentioned above with web sites.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tool #8       Three things I learned from the Ipad video were; there are 11 available pages for apps, when texting it's best to use landscape and when typing a letter it is not locked until the finger is released.

                   I will be using the Touch Screen and Ipads in my classroom. These devices can be used as a student classroom center. I may use the Touch Screen for whole group activities as well as individual student independent activities.
Tool #7     My Collaborative Project

                A. Content Objective- The student will identify campus staff and their jobs.
                B. I plan to implement this project during the first 9 weeks of school.
                C. The tool I plan to use is SKYPE.
                D. Project Plan- To interview 2-3 staff members on campus.(ex; principal, school nurse, librarian and custodian)
                E. I would network this project with my district Life Skills colleagues.
Tool # 6    Wallwisher in my class would be teacher directed but students would be involved  visually with active board and group discussions.

                 Diigo can be best used with my colleagues sharing information.
Tool # 6
Bus Safety Information